Gel Rocker

Gel Rocker Gel Rocker

ProBlot™ Rocker 25 and 25XL

The Labnet compact rockers, ProBlot 25 and 25XL, are ideal for staining, hybridization and general mixing. Their basic design and economical price makes them a great value for any laboratory.

Rocking speed is adjustable to provide the gentle motion required for staining fragile gels as well as the more vigorous action necessary for washing blots. The rocking movement is fixed at 7º.

The platform surfaces are covered with non-slip rubber pads to prevent sample containers from moving during operation. Elastic tie downs are available to secure bags, boxes, tubes and other containers in place. The ProBlot 25 platform measures 26 x 20 cm, while the ProBlot 25XL platform is significantly larger at 30 x 30 cm. For increasing the work area without sacrificing valuable bench space, double platform models can be purchased.

The ProBlot 25 and 25XL Rockers can be used safely in temperature controlled environments up to 70°C. Their low profile and compact size make them perfect for use in incubators.

  • Designed for staining, hybridization, washing, etc.
  • Variable rocking speed
  • Compact size, low profile
  • Large, corrosion resistant stainless steel platforms
  • Safe for coldroom or incubator use

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ProBlot Rocker 25 with single platform (26 x 20 cm), 230V

ProBlot Rocker 25D with double platform (26 x 20 cm), 230V

ProBlot Rocker 25XL with large single platform (30 x 30 cm), 230V

ProBlot Rocker 25XLD with large double platform (30 x 30 cm), 230V

Elastic tie downs, pack of 4

Gel staining tray, pack of 4

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Gel Rocker Gel Rocker

PMR-30 platform rocker – fixed tilt

Compact but highly functional fixed-angle platform rocker in the Grant bio range, providing a smooth side to side rocking motion for gentle sample agitation in tubes, culture flasks, dishes and boxes. Suitable for use in cold rooms and incubators.

  • Variable speed: 5 to 30 oscil/min
  • Fixed 7° tilt angle
  • Load up to 1.0 kg
  • Continuous or timed operation, with automatic switch-off

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Mini platform rocker, fixed 7° tilt, 5 to 30 rpm, 0.5kg load, flat platform with non-slip mat included

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